10 Second Ninja review

10 Second Ninja review

10 Second Ninja’s hook is making success feel a lot like failure. Each of its stages places a number of static robots on platforms and tasks your diminutive ninja with destroying them within ten seconds – and should you need further encouragement, they’re Nazi robots. Finish a level within the time limit and the physical barrier to progression is removed, but not the psychological one.

Steam Machines unlikely to make “any impact at all” in 2014 – is Valve playing the long game?

Steam Machines

Overpriced, underwhelming to look at and destined to cater for a small niche, the Steam Machines unveiled at CES are unlikely to make any impact on the current console race when they launch later this year. That was the message from industry analysts this week after Valve unveiled the first wave of custom PCs built… Continue reading

Virtual reality on PS4 and Xbox One – the real next-gen?

PS4 vs Xbox One

Mounting evidence suggests that Sony and Microsoft will each launch firstparty peripherals for PS4 and Xbox One with virtual reality capabilities. Development sources have told us that PS4’s own “Oculus beater” will launch much sooner than Microsoft’s own wearable tech, of which little is known. It is expected, however, to be an internet-connected headset more… Continue reading

Valve’s Steam Controller: “the haptic feedback motors make a profound difference”

Steam Controller

Valve might control gaming on the desktop, but now its gaze is fixed on another room in the house. The three announcements the company made at the end of September – SteamOS, Steam Machines and Steam Controller – reveal its plans to pry open the traditional console’s grip on the living room. The lines between… Continue reading

Valve’s Steam Box: a true console contender?

Steam Machines 2

Valve’s trio of recent announcements – first details of Steam OS, its hardware beta and controller – has added an extra sense of the unknown to the future of videogame hardware. Though the face off between PS4 and Xbox One continues to attract the greater number of headlines, Valve is deliberately and defiantly steering clear… Continue reading

Valve’s Steam Controller has the potential to change games in the living room

Steam Controller

Our thoughts on the Steam Controller, which is arguably the most important part of the ‘Steam in the living room’ concept,

Steam Machines will be powerful, upgradable and open – the potential is remarkable


Our look at the second of this week’s trio of announcements from Valve.

SteamOS and what’s next for Valve in the living room


Our look at what SteamOS means for games, and what we expect Valve to do next.

16 more titles Greenlit for Steam sale


Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut and Divekick included in the update.

Dota 2 launches on Linux, OS X


A new patch brings balance tweaks and visual updates.