Still Playing: Blur


The success of Mario Kart 8 has left many envious of the fun Wii U owners are having. Nintendo’s console has received a necessary, overdue shot in the arm, but one game alone rarely warrants the acquisition of a brand-new console; while the Wii U saw a 666% hardware sales increase around the time of… Continue reading

Still Playing: Remember Me


A recent piece by Leigh Alexander on Gamasutra, addressing how female gaming protagonists are presented compared to more dominant male counterparts, used the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot to illustrate how these heroines are drawn in damaged dimensions in order for the player to relate to their cause. We see Lara go through hell, coming out… Continue reading

Still Playing: Journey – a heart in the snow


Journey draws no lasting lines in its desert sands, thatgamecompany’s 2012 title masking its robed travellers’ tracks almost as soon as they’re laid. But reach the game’s end with an online companion, and you might just see them draw a heart in the snow. It’s a moment as magical as any wonder that’s come before it…. Continue reading

Still Playing: Titanfall – why endlessly rewarding players is not endlessly rewarding

Titanfall 2

Shooters are the ultimate videogame power fantasy: a man and a gun fighting through a string of life-or-death encounters with the heart-in-mouth tension of war but none of the risk. Yet the online FPS’s sparse traditional framework – a winner, a loser and a scoreboard – naturally limits its own longevity. The object of the… Continue reading

Still Playing: Infamous: Second Son – why it’s impossible to create a truly anti-authoritarian game


Delsin Rowe, hero of Infamous: Second Son, is a dangerous man. His denim cutoff jacket alone probably makes him one of the most dangerous men alive. If you told him to go to bed at eleven, he’d stay up until quarter to twelve – at the earliest. As Rage Against the Machine said, he definitely… Continue reading

Still Playing: FTL – discovering new ways to die in Subset’s challenging space-captain sim


The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would probably classify the spiky, metallic Lanius as the one creature in the galaxy you’d least want to meet, largely thanks to their tendency to suck all of the breathable oxygen out of any room they’re standing in. You’d be forgiven for wondering why you’d want one manning the… Continue reading

Still Playing: Diablo III Reaper of Souls – Blizzard’s revitalised action RPG is deeper than ever


How deep does this go? That’s the question I keep asking myself as I sink another few hours into Diablo III. I’ve been pretty much everywhere several times. I’ve got all the abilities. I’ve nearly hit the new level cap, 70. Surely that’s where things settle out, and the novelty of epic demonic slaughter dribbles… Continue reading

Still Playing: Dark Souls II – why the Souls games’ supposed difficulty is a damaging myth

Dark Souls II 4

A death tally in excess of 300 might suggest otherwise, but Dark Souls II is not a difficult game. Nor was its predecessor, nor the PS3-exclusive Demon’s Souls. Yes, this is a game in which you die an awful lot, where tutorials are scant, and mistakes are both inevitable and severely punished. But the Souls… Continue reading

Still Playing: Duet – a frustrating, joyful, beautifully melodic and starkly clinical contradiction


Duet is a game of conflicts and contrasts. It veers between chaos and order, triumph and despair, life and death, never settling on one or the other. You must tackle the game’s endless maze of deadly blocks with calm, surgical precision — anything less brings about a speedy end. The best puzzle games tend to… Continue reading

Still Playing: Hotline Miami – Vita’s accidental killer app

Still Playing hotline miami

I missed Hotline Miami first time around, but it feels so perfectly suited to Vita that it’s difficult to imagine playing it any other way. It’s a magnificent handheld game, despite not being conceived as one; it might just be the best game on Vita, period. Its short, intense bursts of play satisfy quickly, but… Continue reading