Valve announces Team Fortress 2 weapon balance update

Team Fortress 2

Valve continues to make its popular multiplayer shooter more fun to play.

Steam Trading Cards to move out of beta Wednesday

trading cards

Valve promises an “event” to come after launch.

Team Fortress 2’s Medic and Heavy added to Surgeon Simulator 2013

surgeon simulator team fortress 2

Recreate the Meet The Medic video in Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Valve has paid $10 million to Team Fortress 2 user content contributors


Nearly $250,000 paid to the Robotic Boogaloo creators.

A history of griefing: meet the gamers who, if you’re lucky, only want to ruin your day for kicks


You’re in the zombie nightmare of DayZ and about to be eaten by one of the charging undead when suddenly a helicopter appears. Its pilots – and simply owning a helicopter lets you know they’re big shots – gun down your pursuer and offer you a lift. What you don’t know is that instead of flying you to safety, your destination is the tiny, featureless Schadenfreude Island some 15km off the main coast of Chernarus. The only reason they’ve saved you is for the amusement of knowing you’re condemned to stand there until you waste away, and that they were smart enough to fool you.

Valve bans users behind Steam Greenlight fakes

Valve has issued one-week bans to Steam users who soured the launch last week of indie game initiative Steam Greenlight by posting fake projects.As we reported on Friday, the launch of Greenlight – which lets developers submit their games for possible release on Steam, with the community voting for the projects in which they are most interested – didn't go quite as planned.

Still Playing: Team Fortress 2

Still Playing: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is the only game in the world that has a control test. On console, as part of Valve's Orange Box, TF2 is under glass: a multiplayer, class-based shooter untouched from 2007's original release. There, my scout has a standard issue pistol and a scattergun. My soldier a rocket launcher and a shovel. My demoman both grenade and sticky bomb launcher.

Valve releases Source Filmmaker

Valve has released Source Filmmaker, the in-engine film creation tool it has used to produce over 50 animated shorts, including the Team Fortress 2 Meet The Team trailers.The free tool is currently in closed beta, but will be made available to the public later this year via Steam.Among other things, SFM allows filmmakers to capture motion – by running characters through the world in firstperson – insert clip motion, or animate characters from scratch. There's also a facial animation system that allows for "feature-film quality lip-sync".

Out There: Is dumbing down ruining videogames?

Out There: Is dumbing down ruining videogames?

Ricky Haggett of Honeyslug, the developer of Vita debut Frobisher Says, puzzle game Kahoots and many more, is angry about Capcom's Ghost Trick. Having been playing its newly released iOS port, he's infuriated by its incessant explanatory text boxes.

Free-to-play switch prompts fivefold increase in TF2 players

The number of people playing Team Fortress 2 has increased by a factor of five since it switched to the free-to-play model, according to Gabe Newell, co-founder of developer Valve.Newell revealed the news at a recent conference in Seattle, Geek Wire reports. Valve is also seeing a far higher percentage of players purchasing virtual items through microtransactions than is typical across the industry.