The Art Of: Zeno Clash – nothing is simple when you’re making a surreal firstperson brawler

Zeno Clash 2

Lead designer Carlos Bordeu explains tiny Chilean studio ACE Team’s approach to Zeno Clash’s look.

The Art Of: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 5

Sumo Digital’s trip through Sega’s history was an uphill struggle.

The Art Of: Minecraft – deconstructing the programmed art of Mojang’s blockbuster


Mojang lead developer Jens Bergensten and artist Markus ‘Junkboy’ Toivonen on the games which influenced Minecraft’s look, and more.

The Art Of: Gears Of War 3


Lead artist Wyeth Johnson on how Epic maxed out the Xbox 360.

The Art Of: Spec Ops The Line


Art director Mathias Wiese and art lead Jason Flanagan on creating a world that pushes players over the line.

The Art Of: Just Cause 2

Though far enough apart to offer an important sense of travel, Just Cause 2’s ecosystems are also close enough for some gorgeous transitions of earth and sky, both taken in the stride of the studio’s renderer, Avalanche Engine 2.0

Postcard-perfect ground-to-air-and-back-again action staged across three climates, 32 square kilometres and 24 hours of simulated day and night: Just Cause 2 is a blockbuster all right. Art director Stefan Ljungqvist recalls some of the highs and lows of creating it, such as finessing grenade-flung bodies.

The art of Dishonored video: Viktor Antonov and Sebastien Mitton discuss the game’s artistic vision


Dishonored’s city is drawn with breathtaking depth. Its art design might place it on the foundations of 19th century London, crowding its spaces with smokestacks, brick tenements and hulking factories, but it’s also run through with forbidding fascist classicism as well as opulent baroque and art nouveau touches.

The Art Of: Blur


A scorching Catherine wheel of an urban arcade racer, Blur was marketed as a ‘mature’ Mario Kart to a notional untapped market. Joining Split/Second: Velocity in the May 2010 bloodbath caused by the release of Red Dead Redemption, it flopped, sending out dire signals for mid-tier gaming. Sure enough, creator Bizarre Creations was closed less than one year later. Now installed as head of art and animation at BioWare, Neil Thompson, a former art director at Bizarre, casts a glance back at the glory of the game itself.

The Art Of: Love


Entirely the work of Eskil Steenberg, Love exhibits an uncompromising painterly art style. Its thick daubs of pixels trade clarity for effect, favouring emotional over intellectual responses. This untextured look has helped condemn the game to the outermost indie fringe, its servers visited only by a dedicated few who appreciate its beauty and the purity of its co-op. Here, we talk to Steenberg about the game’s distinctive aesthetic and showcase the art of Love.

The Art Of: Eve Online

Fire and ice: the art of Eve Online

Warping across a single star map shared by tens of thousands of fellow ‘capsuleers’ isn’t all that draws people to Eve Online. Ironically, it’s the supreme hostility of that experience, felt in every aspect of CCP’s art design, that’s made the MMOG so intriguing to outsiders and valued to its players.