The Cave

Ron Gilbert leaves Double Fine, teases new iOS game

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at 10:09am March 12 2013

Veteran developer leaves studio after finishing work on The Cave and reveals his next project.

The Cave Review

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at 02:27pm January 22 2013

Plundering the depths of The Cave’s magical talking grotto is like taking a tour of Ron Gilbert’s brain. There’s the comedy monkey chasing a banana. There’s the hermit turned mad by years trapped alone on a deserted island. There’s a New Grog vending machine. It seems inevitable that, deep inside, there’s also an old-fashioned adventure game hiding within the modern, puzzle-platformer clothing.

The Cave: Ron Gilbert’s homecoming

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at 09:00am July 13 2012
The Cave: Ron Gilbert's homecoming

Double Fine’s importance to the current resurgence of graphic adventure games is hard to overstate.

The Cave gallery

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at 03:56pm July 11 2012

First details of Ron Gilbert’s The Cave revealed

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at 04:58pm May 24 2012

Sega and Double Fine have released the first details and screenshots of the  studio's next game, The Cave.Helmed by Monkey Island co-creator Ron Gilbert, the adventure sees the player take three of seven characters on an intrepid exploration of a talking cave which holds all manner of curiosities – including an underground theme park.

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