Total War: Rome II review

Total War Rome II

The Creative Assembly’s latest strategy epic is big and beautiful, but too swollen, slow and buggy to sustain its lofty ambition.

The representation of women in the videogame industry is at its lowest in over a decade. What’s going wrong?


The number of female gamers may be on the rise – thanks in part to the explosion of social and mobile gaming, as well as the broad appeal of Nintendo’s Wii – but the opposite is true of women occupying jobs in the industry. In fact, according to Creative Skillset’s most recent survey, which took place in 2009, just six per cent of the videogame industry’s workforce are women – a figure half that of the previous survey, which recorded 12 per cent in 2006.

Total War: Rome 2 – The Creative Assembly unleashes a darker vision of warfare

Rome 2 preview

Creative Assembly’s first demo of the newest entry in its Total War series brings to life the pivotal Battle Of Carthage, which marked the end of the Punic Wars. It’s a shrewd conflict to spotlight, given the combination of both a wide-scale naval landing and a bitter ground assault. After witnessing a brief exchange between a Roman commander and a subordinate aboard a ship just off the coast of North Africa, we watch as the boats land and hordes of Roman soldiers pour out onto the beach.

Total War dev Creative Assembly: “70 per cent of games aren’t good enough”


Total War Battles: Shogun lead designer Renaud Charpentier has slammed the lack of design focus from today’s developers, telling us that 70 per cent of games simply do not pass muster as a result.

Renaud’s comments followed an impassioned session at Unite 2012 last month in which he and fellow The Creative Assembly colleagues Nick Farley and Mattijs Van Delden stressed the value of prototyping early on in a project.

Total War Battles: Shogun now available on Steam

Total War Battles: Shogun now available on Steam

The Creative Assembly today announced that its iOS game Total War Battles: Shogun is available for PC and Mac in revised form via Steam.

Madfinger and Creative Assembly among Unity Awards winners

Unity Technologies held its annual awards ceremony last night at Unite 12 in Amsterdam, offering up eight awards that went to seven studios, including The Creative Assembly.This year's event was a slick and glitzy affair, held in the striking Muziekgebouw on the waterfront, and saw a noticeably higher attendance – both in terms of audience and winners – than last year's awards.

Total War Battles: Shogun review

Total War Battles: Shogun review

Streamlining needn’t always mean compromising, yet the task of bringing a complex and diverse PC strategy to touch devices without a certain amount of dumbing down is an unenviable one. In retooling Total War for iOS, The Creative Assembly initially seems to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. But after a period of acclimatisation to what at times feels as much a puzzle game as an RTS, it soon dawns that this is every bit as tactically engaging as its PC counterpart.

Total War goes mobile

PC strategy series Total War is headed to iOS and Android, publisher Sega has confirmed.Developer The Creative Assembly is hard at work on Total War Battles: Shogun ahead of its release for iPhone, iPad and Android next month. Both studio and publisher insist that this is no shoehorned PC port, but has been designed specifically for mobiles with multi-touch controls.

Slavery: The Game is a hoax

Slavery: The Game is a hoax

Microsoft, Sony, Sega and The Creative Assembly have all denied knowledge of the existence of Slavery: The Game.

The Creative Assembly Announces Alien Tie-In

The Creative Assembly Announces Alien Tie-In

Sega subsidiary The Creative Assembly has announced plans to open a 10,000 square foot studio in West Sussex for the creation of a “triple A title on console” based on the Alien movie franchise.Development of the game will be handled by the team responsible for 2008 console title Viking: Battle For Asgard. Neither target platforms nor release date were revealed, but Sega told that it had not ruled out the possibility of developing the game for next-generation consoles.