The last of it: Naughty Dog on bringing The Last Of Us to PS4

The last of us ps4

The Last Of Us for PS4 isn’t the first 1080p remake for the new generation of consoles, but it might be the most difficult. Other developers have had something of a head start, thanks to the combination of having already created high-quality PC versions and the PC-like architecture of PS4 and Xbox One. The Last Of Us,… Continue reading

The Last Of Us: Left Behind is a masterful, affectionate and poignant farewell

The Last Of Us Left Behind

The Last of Us was about survival; the daily struggle to simply exist. By contrast, Left Behind, its first and final slice of singleplayer downloadable content, allows its protagonists to live. It’s far from the only difference. We may know the approximate destination of the leads’ journey – such is the nature of the prequel… Continue reading

The sewer: why are games so fond of flushing players down the drain?

The Sewer

After traversing slums and museums, graveyards and forests in Naughty Dog’s acclaimed survival horror game The Last Of Us, you come to a large metal grate set in a stony hillside, the water cascading from its lip pooling at your feet. You lift the grate and your party clambers into the darkness, where flashlight beams… Continue reading

The importance of meta-conversations and the intentional fallacy

The importance of meta-conversations and the intentional fallacy

The world of English literature uses the phrase ‘intentional fallacy’ to mean believing that you can know what an author meant in writing something based on exterior information. A common example would be learning that JRR Tolkien fought at the Somme and inferring that Middle-earth was an allegory about the First and Second World Wars…. Continue reading

Still Playing: The Last Of Us – in praise of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic setting

The Last Of Us 4

The thing about an apocalypse is that, for the survivors at least, it’s never truly the end of the world. But that would perhaps be a mercy for the characters in The Last Of Us, given the circumstances in which they routinely find themselves. Most live in the quarantine zones that have sprung up in… Continue reading

On The Last Of Us and videogames’ apparent ‘Citizen Kane moment’

Citizen Joel

You can imagine how thrilled I was at the prospect of getting my hands on what everyone on the Internet was assuring me was videogames’ ‘Citizen Kane moment’. Although I ridiculed that cliché several years ago, I now understand – having done slightly more scholarly research – that the phrase ‘Citizen Kane moment’ is in… Continue reading

The Last of Us becomes fastest-selling PS3 title of 2013

The Last Of Us Darwin

3.4 million copies of the survival game shipped in three weeks.

UK Chart: The Last Of Us holds strong

The Last Of Us Ellie and Joel

Naughty Dog’s cinematic survival shocker The Last Of Us is the UK’s number one selling game for a fourth week in a row.

What would Darwin make of The Last Of Us?

The Last Of Us lead

The fall of civilisation is a perfect time to examine humankind as just another species trying to adapt and survive.

UK Charts: The Last Of Us claims third number one

The Last Of Us Ellie

New entries from Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, The Sims 3: Island Paradise, Deadpool and Company Of Heroes 2 freshen up the charts this week.