The Making Of

The Making Of: Tearaway

at 12:00pm July 2 2014

Tearaway didn’t begin with a piece of paper, as you might suspect, but with a strange slate-like device surrounded by a terrifying tangle of wires. As a Sony-owned studio, Media Molecule was among the first to get an opportunity to play around with this early Vita prototype. Yet despite its unfriendly appearance, this slab sparked the imagination of…

The Making Of: Katamari Damacy

at 11:36am June 16 2014

Before he joined Namco in 1999, Keita Takahashi had no idea how to make a videogame. His speciality was not coding, and the models he made were not digital. But the cheerfully bizarre sculptures he crafted as a student at Tokyo’s prestigious Musashino Art University held clues that one day this bright young artist would…

The Making Of: Super Mario 3D World – bridging the gap between Mario’s past and present

at 03:00pm May 1 2014
Making of SM3DW

No tea tables were upended – as a Nintendo euphemism for radical changes towards the end of a game’s development goes – during the making of Super Mario 3D World. Since 2005’s Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Nintendo EAD Tokyo has blossomed into one of the publisher’s finest assets, and it says much for the regard…

The Making Of: Die Hard Trilogy – how a team of underdogs created three movie tie-ins at once

at 12:44pm April 2 2014
Die Hard Trilogylead

Cars fitted with atomic bombs. Hostages in flames. Arterial spray. Die Hard Trilogy is wildly inauthentic, but exactly the game that 20th Century Fox should have expected from Probe Entertainment had it consulted the studio’s back catalogue. Since the mid-1980s the UK studio had built a reputation from its handling of movie licences and arcade…

The Making Of: Batman – the design, coding and branding of a modern arcade game

at 12:30pm March 6 2014
The Making Of Batman 2

Brian Silva is Specular Interactive’s creative director, but he’s also a dialogue director, researcher, level designer and the voice of Mr Freeze. Specular’s new Batman arcade racer is a blockbuster game with a blockbuster hook – ten different Batmobiles torn from Bat-history in an open-world arcade driving game – but it’s also a game that…

The Making Of: Silent Hill Shattered Memories

at 02:00pm February 7 2014
The Making Of- Silent Hill- Shattered Memories

Faceless zombies. Nightmarish chases. Nerve-jangling bursts of static. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories made no bones about wanting to terrify you. But the most shocking thing about it wasn’t its monsters. It was the choice of lead platform. Released in December 2009 on Nintendo Wii, Shattered Memories was a bold – some might say foolhardy –…

The Making Of: Papers, Please

at 12:00pm January 20 2014
Papers please 2

How Lucas Pope left behind an oppressive state of fear and forged a passport to indie self-sufficiency.

The Making Of: Frozen Synapse – how the cold reception to its debut helped Mode 7 take a risk

at 02:00pm December 9 2013
Frozen Synapase

Helmuth Von Moltke the Elder may sound like a Skyrim NPC, but he’s the greatest military strategist you’ve never heard of. Named Chief of the Prussian General Staff in 1857, General Von Moltke orchestrated campaigns against Denmark, Austria and France, and developed a theory of combat that secured him a place in the military history…

The Making Of: TowerFall

at 10:04am November 13 2013

Alec Holowka and Matt Thorson needed to be on a plane to San Francisco in just one hour’s time. The Vancouver-based indie devs were set to show off their game TowerFall at an IGN press mixer at the 2013 Game Developers Conference (GDC). Both knew how important it was that they make a good impression –…

The Making Of: Velocity

at 12:00pm November 2 2013

The tumultuous journey of one small developer, and one Mini that would go on to be huge.

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