An Audience With: Tim Schafer – Double Fine’s boss on episodic games, Kickstarter and Brütal Legend 2

Tim Schafer

Few developers can lay claim to as many cherished games, or characters, as Tim Schafer. Starting out as a tester at LucasArts in 1989, he worked his way up to tools programmer, then co-wrote 1990’s The Secret Of Monkey Island with Ron Gilbert. Full Throttle and Grim Fandango saw Schafer refine his idiosyncratic storytelling style,… Continue reading

Tim Schafer on Amnesia Fortnight, the game jam powering the Double Fine ideas factory

Tim Schafer

It’s an unavoidable truth of game development that sometimes months – often years – of work might never be released, or be modified and compromised beyond all recognition. Double Fine has found a way around that wasteful culture with its Amnesia Fortnight, a game jam which started in 2007 and is described by the studio… Continue reading

Works in progress: hands-on with Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight prototypes


Two weeks ago, there was nothing. And now there’s these: five roughly hewn, cobbled together ideas, all bearing the marks of their rushed, hectic invention. It’s an odd experience, sampling the prototypes that have emerged from Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight. Checkpointing is inconsistent, there are glitches everywhere, and the games themselves can be opaque or simplistic. And yet playing them is surprisingly affecting. Beautiful, varied and run through with bright promise, that they exist at all is a tribute to the power of creativity.