Still Playing: Titanfall – why endlessly rewarding players is not endlessly rewarding

Titanfall 2

Shooters are the ultimate videogame power fantasy: a man and a gun fighting through a string of life-or-death encounters with the heart-in-mouth tension of war but none of the risk. Yet the online FPS’s sparse traditional framework – a winner, a loser and a scoreboard – naturally limits its own longevity. The object of the… Continue reading

Titanfall review

Titanfall review art

Titanfall’s biggest problem is the hardware for which it is supposed to be a killer app. Playing on Xbox One means lower resolution, longer load times, more screen tearing and a choppier framerate than on PC, calling into question Respawn’s decision to have the console version run at 792p. It adds up to Titanfall falling short… Continue reading

Titanfall is an intelligent, modern shooter which gives Call of Duty’s multiplayer formula new life

Titanfall Beta

The following represents our first impressions of Titanfall based on two days’ play at an EA-run event in London last week. Although we were able to play the final version in its entirety, our full review is being withheld until we are able to test the game in real-world circumstances. Please note, then, that the… Continue reading

Xbox, catch up: Microsoft’s UK price cut and Titanfall bundle intensifies the battle with PS4


Microsoft stepped up its efforts to outdo Sony’s PS4 today by slicing £30 off the UK price and announcing a Titanfall bundle, offering Respawn’s debut shooter for free with the console for a limited time. It’s a timely shot in the arm for the platform, Microsoft apparently acknowledging that it has some work to do… Continue reading

Titanfall’s beta and why Respawn’s confident Xbox One shooter can revitalise the genre

Titanfall Beta

Six on six is quite enough, thanks. Respawn caused a brief kerfuffle last month when its co-founder Vince Zampella nonchalantly confirmed over Twitter that a maximum of twelve players could do battle in Titanfall’s online arenas. For a few online shooter devotees, that figure was worryingly low – compared to Battlefield 4’s skirmishes, it’s miniscule… Continue reading

Respawn on Titanfall and breaking free of Call Of Duty’s ‘spawn-die-spawn-die loop’

Titanfall 2

Word spread fast. Titanfall was demoed at August’s Gamescom show and, by day two, players were queuing for up to eight hours for a single 15-minute game, because once you play it you want to tell people about it. Titanfall is a mechanised and rocket-propelled anecdote generator, a meme with an Xbox One controller, a… Continue reading