Watch Dogs review

Publisher: Ubisoft Developer:  In-house (Montreal) Format: 360, PC, PS3, PS4 (version tested), Wii U, Xbox OneRelease: Out now

Thanks to CTOS, a network that controls almost every bit of computer technology within Chicago’s limits, Watch Dogs presents you with the smartest city in the world. It’s just as well, because its citizens need all the help they can get. They stand in groups and deliver little monologues, babbling incoherently over one another. They… Continue reading

The Elder Scrolls Online review


Presentation matters more the longer you plan to spend in a game world, and The Elder Scrolls Online demands a tremendous amount of your time. It feels like an MMOG from several years ago, an artefact of a time when players expected to invest hundreds of hours to reach a level cap and an MMOG… Continue reading

Dark Souls II review

Dark Souls II

We are among the first to set foot in Drangleic, and we are quite helpless. There are no wikis, forums or videos to guide us when we hit a wall; no fellow adventurers with whom to exchange whispered guidance; no messages on the ground from other travellers. It is a terrible, terrifying, wonderful feeling to… Continue reading

Thief review

Thief review

Late on in Thief’s campaign, we find ourselves escaping a burning, building-lined bridge. It’s a well-directed sequence that shows off both the game’s beautifully rendered world and its free-flowing Assassin’s Creed-style parkour. Halfway across, however, we must squeeze through a tight gap between fallen masonry, lifting a beam out of the way as we trace… Continue reading

TxK review

TxK review

Jeff Minter has made over 60 games in his 30 years as a game developer, and yet it seems he’s spent his career remaking Dave Theurer’s classic tube shooter Tempest. It’s a template to which Minter appears unable to resist returning, refining and recalibrating its mechanics with each release to varying degrees of success. Some… Continue reading

Threes review

Threes review

One wonders whether Threes was conceived as a deliberate subversion of ‘match-three’. Rather than linking three like-coloured tiles, the latest iOS game from Puzzlejuice creator Asher Vollmer asks you to pair up the titular threes. If it owes something of a debt to Spry Fox’s Triple Town – both ask you to match smaller objects… Continue reading

Broken Age review

Broken Age

Tim Schafer’s first adventure game in 15 years is, in the most literal sense, fan service. Broken Age has been funded by players with fond memories of LucasArts’ golden era and built on the promises made to them in what turned out to be a defining, and record-breaking, Kickstarter campaign. The result is that the… Continue reading

Gran Turismo 6 review


Booting up Gran Turismo 6 for the first time is an uncomfortable experience. After the painfully slow day-one update download and melodramatic intro sequence, you’re immediately forced to spend 17,000 credits on a Japanese hatchback that you almost certainly don’t want and then thrust onto a track that, in the wake of Forza 5, looks… Continue reading

Killzone: Shadow Fall review

Killzone Shadow fall

You have to wonder why the Helghast bother; they’re too dumb to win a war. Part way through Killzone: Shadow Fall, we creep up behind a lone grunt on a clifftop that’s high above an enemy base. At first we think he’s talking to himself, but soon realise he’s sending a message to his brother;… Continue reading

Resogun review


Background scenery in side-scrolling games tends to exist simply to establish a mood. Your success in gameplay terms rarely depends on how closely you survey the horizon. In Resogun, however, your hopes of saving the last remnants of humanity – and your leaderboard self-respect – depends on it. Since the levels of Housemarque’s 2D shoot… Continue reading