Jagex’s Transformers Universe MMORPG puts the toy-box robots onto the battlefield


Right outside of Jagex’s foyer is parked a hulking black tank. At the back of the foyer – just before the entryway to a large, bright three-storey atrium – you’ll see lift doors decorated to look like those of a TARDIS and a Jules Verne submarine. Behind the reception desk, there’s a large flatscreen TV displaying a fast-paced trailer with a constantly increasing number overlaying it. Right now, it’s at over 204 million – the number of accounts that RuneScape has amassed over its nearly 11-year lifespan (though, due to a quirk of legacy registration systems, the figure’s really closer to 208 million). And opposite, above a large and voluptuously contoured purple sofa, are pictures of titanic Transformers in heroic poses.