Watch Dogs review

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at 12:31pm May 27 2014
Publisher: Ubisoft Developer:  In-house (Montreal) Format: 360, PC, PS3, PS4 (version tested), Wii U, Xbox OneRelease: Out now

Thanks to CTOS, a network that controls almost every bit of computer technology within Chicago’s limits, Watch Dogs presents you with the smartest city in the world. It’s just as well, because its citizens need all the help they can get. They stand in groups and deliver little monologues, babbling incoherently over one another. They…

RedLynx on taking Trials next-gen

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at 12:00pm May 19 2014
Trials Fusion review 2

Karri Kiviluoma joined Ubisoft in 2012 as a game and level designer on Rabbids Big Bang. He graduated to lead designer on Trials Fusion, and also helped shape Trials Frontier. Prior to RedLynx, Kiviluoma headed up the design of Bugbear’s Ridge Racer Unbounded. We talk to him about the pressures of building on previous successes…

Ubisoft Montpellier’s Valiant Hearts: The Great War is beautiful and noble, but it could be a misstep

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at 05:00pm May 14 2014
Valiant Hearts3

It doesn’t feel right, criticising Valiant Hearts – not when its own heart is so clearly in the right place. Right from the off, this 2D side-scroller tries to tell a story about the First World War that’s a laudable counterpoint to the glamourous, shooty-shouty hero stories videogames have told before. Its characters aren’t the…

Meet the editors pushing Ubisoft to be better than Nintendo, Rockstar, Valve and Blizzard

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at 02:17pm May 9 2014

Serge Hascoet joined Ubisoft in 1987 as a designer and tester of sorts, working on Iron Lord and Skateball for the home computers of the day. Over his 27 years with the company, he has been a game designer and studio head, but today he shapes Ubisoft’s creative direction as its chief creative officer and…

Trust and the online lynch mob: a plea for greater understanding between players and publishers

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at 12:00pm April 30 2014
big picture mode

On the third day of every month, the same tweet appears in the @edgeonline mentions feed. It’s part of a fan campaign calling on Sega to give Yu Suzuki the Shenmue licence so he can complete the trilogy. Relying on a four-year-old Famitsu story in which a Sega rep said a new Shenmue could only happen if a…

Child Of Light review

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at 05:00pm April 28 2014
Child of light review

Child Of Light may have been pitched as an indie experiment – a project made with an almost rebellious small-team attitude within the walls of a big publisher – but this is a Ubisoft game through and through. And we don’t just mean the obligatory main menu nag to log into Uplay, Ubisoft’s social-network-cum-game-store, which…

‘Without Far Cry 2, there would be no Watch Dogs’: Ubisoft on systems, player agency and that delay

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at 02:57pm April 7 2014
Watch Dogs glitch

The eighth generation deserves a more dramatic reason for its postponement than the one that Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has to offer. “I can’t say anything like, ‘It was completely broken.’ It’s not even necessarily that something tangibly wasn’t working. It’s more that when [we crammed] all the features together, we started reacting…

Why Child of Light is more than just an artsy curio

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at 05:00pm April 3 2014
Child of light

I went into Child of Light with a familiar, niggling sense of obligation. I’d done my background reading, so I had an idea what a pretty, unique little game that Ubisoft Montreal were building with its UbiArt Framework (last seen chugging away under the hood of Rayman: Origins and Legends). I also knew ahead of…

Ubisoft will continue to support ‘old gen’ consoles for years to come

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at 03:56pm March 28 2014
360 PS3

Ubisoft isn’t leaving Xbox 360 and PS3 development behind just yet – it’ll continue to support the consoles for several more years, says its vice president of creative Lionel Raynaud. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was released on 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 and Watch Dogs will repeat the trick of spanning the console…

RedLynx isn’t ‘breaking’ Trials by adding tricks – Fusion is its most ambitious game yet

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at 09:41am March 27 2014
Trials Fusion

The problem with making something pure is that changing it makes people nervous. That’s something of which RedLynx became intensely aware after announcing at E3 2013 that one of the additions to Trials Fusion would be a trick system. The uproar was immediate: this exacting game of balance, control and exquisite physics was doomed to…

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