‘Without Far Cry 2, there would be no Watch Dogs’: Ubisoft on systems, player agency and that delay

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at 02:57pm April 7 2014
Watch Dogs glitch

The eighth generation deserves a more dramatic reason for its postponement than the one that Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has to offer. “I can’t say anything like, ‘It was completely broken.’ It’s not even necessarily that something tangibly wasn’t working. It’s more that when [we crammed] all the features together, we started reacting…

Why Child of Light is more than just an artsy curio

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at 05:00pm April 3 2014
Child of light

I went into Child of Light with a familiar, niggling sense of obligation. I’d done my background reading, so I had an idea what a pretty, unique little game that Ubisoft Montreal were building with its UbiArt Framework (last seen chugging away under the hood of Rayman: Origins and Legends). I also knew ahead of…

Ubisoft will continue to support ‘old gen’ consoles for years to come

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at 03:56pm March 28 2014
360 PS3

Ubisoft isn’t leaving Xbox 360 and PS3 development behind just yet – it’ll continue to support the consoles for several more years, says its vice president of creative Lionel Raynaud. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was released on 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 and Watch Dogs will repeat the trick of spanning the console…

RedLynx isn’t ‘breaking’ Trials by adding tricks – Fusion is its most ambitious game yet

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at 09:41am March 27 2014
Trials Fusion

The problem with making something pure is that changing it makes people nervous. That’s something of which RedLynx became intensely aware after announcing at E3 2013 that one of the additions to Trials Fusion would be a trick system. The uproar was immediate: this exacting game of balance, control and exquisite physics was doomed to…

Watch Dogs’ creative lead on that delay and creating a richer, more meaningful open world

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at 09:28am March 11 2014
Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is the cover star of the next issue of Edge magazine, on sale March 13. In it, we delve deep into Ubisoft’s new open world IP to discover exactly why it was delayed and gain an appreciation of the complexity of the systems at play in the game – ones intended to mesh…

An Audience With: Michel Ancel – Rayman’s creator on making meaningful moments in games

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at 10:13am March 6 2014
Michel Ancel

Michel Ancel is an anomaly in Ubisoft’s system: a lone creator working with a tiny team in Montpellier, apparently far from the eyes of the company’s Parisian editors. Where the likes of Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed occupy thousands of developers in numerous studios across the globe, Ancel’s team fits in the Villa, a converted…

South Park: The Stick Of Truth review

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at 08:00am March 4 2014
South Park- The Stick Of Truth review

Who’d have guessed that 2014 would be the year of the videogame comedy? Mere weeks after Jazzpunk’s impression of Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker, South Park: The Stick Of Truth almost faultlessly mimics Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s animated series, retaining its brand of scattergun satire and scatological humour. Never knowingly understated, The Stick Of Truth is boisterous,…

Revisiting Far Cry 2: heat, murder and malaria in gaming’s most oppressive locale

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at 12:54pm February 27 2014
Far Cry 2

This is not the African continent of holiday brochures, its mustard-toned savannahs, iridescent watering holes and peaceful fauna welcoming to the most timid of tourists. This is not a nation captured in a National Geographic spread, where local people go about their business against a backdrop of endlessly beautiful nature. This is the Africa of…

Exploring ten years of Far Cry, gaming’s most unconventional, experimental shooter series

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at 11:37am February 19 2014
Far Cry retro

Fools rush in. Numerous singers have told us so, over the years, from Shirley Bassey to The Morning Benders. And yet still we do, careening into a firefight with scant regard for our health bars. Sometimes we get away with it – we’re super-soldiers, Master Chiefs, grizzled grunts with more muscle on our thumbs than…

Black Flag’s creative director on why killing Desmond helped Assassin’s Creed to live on

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at 04:00pm February 13 2014
Assassin's Creed IV - Searching For Map

Ubisoft Montreal’s Jean Guesdon worked as a designer on Assassin’s Creed II and as part of the team overseeing the larger franchise before joining Black Flag as its creative director. Here, we discuss the ways in which this pirate epic charts new ground in the post-Desmond era. Black Flag’s world opens up for exploration much earlier…

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