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Unreal Engine 3 recruited by the US Air Force

at 02:58pm April 18 2013
Gears Of War 3 gallery

Collaboration opens up the possibility of Unreal-powered simulations for training the USAF.

Bournemouth University students working on PS4 game

at 11:54am March 20 2013

Seven students from Bournemouth University hope to release their debut game as a PlayStation 4 launch title.

Epic on the industry’s giant leap to next-gen

at 04:29pm February 13 2013

The future of game creation will be a “substantial” leap on what’s possible now, says CTO Tim Sweeney.

E251: Power – Inside Epic’s vision for the next generation of videogames

at 01:34pm February 12 2013

Once upon a time, the next gen didn’t begin till hardware manufacturers said so. Now software makers, such as Epic with its Unreal Engine, have that say. We reveal the realtime prototypes that demonstrate the potential of videogaming’s new era.

Epic’s Fortnite debuts Unreal Engine 4 and emphasises the power of player choice

at 11:28am October 25 2012
Fortnite yard sale

What goes bump in the night? In Epic’s world, grisly snarls are usually attributable to Lancer teeth chewing through beefy aliens. Yet as scary as being blindsided by a Mauler can be, Gears Of War’s scripted encounters have favoured choreographed spectacle over dynamic surprises. Now the studio’s approach is changing as it shifts its focus to its next-generation engine technology.

Fortnite gallery

at 11:28am October 25 2012

The first game to use the formidable Unreal Engine 4 is Fortnite, which seems to have more in common with Minecraft than a typical Gears experience. Here we present a gallery of high-res screenshots that showcase Epic’s project’s distinctive look.

Make Something Unreal Live: Epic Games’ Unreal Engine student game jam returns for 2013

at 09:30am October 3 2012
Make Something Unreal Live 2012

Make Something Unreal Live, the Unreal Engine student development contest culminating in a game jam at the Gadget Show Live, will return next year, Epic Games has announced.

Epic invites students currently enrolled on a full-time higher education course at any European institution to submit pitches based on the concept of Mendelian inheritance, a cornerstone of genetic theory spanning concepts including variation and mutation. It’s quite the departure from this year’s theme – Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson’s Fighting Fantasy books.

Epic Games hints at major new Unreal Engine deals

at 12:43pm August 15 2012
Epic Games hints at major new Unreal Engine deals

Epic Games says that Unreal Engine 4 is increasingly being adopted by major studios who have traditionally used their own tech as the next generation of hardware approaches.Speaking to us in Cologne on the eve of Gamescom Mike Gamble, Epic's European territory manager, said that the increased scale of next-generation games had several companies thinking about using Epic's hugely popular engine over the proprietary tech they have used in the past.

Oculus Rift: VR gaming headset takes to Kickstarter

at 10:43am August 2 2012
Oculus Rift: VR gaming headset takes to Kickstarter

UPDATE: Oculus Rift is not, as reported below, John Carmack's creation. The Id co-founder tweeted last night to confirm that "I have no direct ties with Oculus; I endorse it is a wonderful advance in VR tech, but I'm not "backing it".

Unreal Engine 4 unveiled

at 02:50pm June 8 2012

Epic Games has formally pulled back the curtain on Unreal Engine 4, its next-gen development technology.While the company has been showing off its wares behind closed doors for some time, last night GTTV aired the below video, in which senior technical artist Alan Willard talks through UE4's capabilities. [youtube:MOvfn1p92_8]

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