Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs review

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at 12:31pm May 27 2014
Publisher: Ubisoft Developer:  In-house (Montreal) Format: 360, PC, PS3, PS4 (version tested), Wii U, Xbox OneRelease: Out now

Thanks to CTOS, a network that controls almost every bit of computer technology within Chicago’s limits, Watch Dogs presents you with the smartest city in the world. It’s just as well, because its citizens need all the help they can get. They stand in groups and deliver little monologues, babbling incoherently over one another. They…

Trust and the online lynch mob: a plea for greater understanding between players and publishers

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at 12:00pm April 30 2014
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On the third day of every month, the same tweet appears in the @edgeonline mentions feed. It’s part of a fan campaign calling on Sega to give Yu Suzuki the Shenmue licence so he can complete the trilogy. Relying on a four-year-old Famitsu story in which a Sega rep said a new Shenmue could only happen if a…

‘Without Far Cry 2, there would be no Watch Dogs’: Ubisoft on systems, player agency and that delay

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at 02:57pm April 7 2014
Watch Dogs glitch

The eighth generation deserves a more dramatic reason for its postponement than the one that Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has to offer. “I can’t say anything like, ‘It was completely broken.’ It’s not even necessarily that something tangibly wasn’t working. It’s more that when [we crammed] all the features together, we started reacting…

E265: Watch Dogs and why Ubisoft postponed the next generation

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at 10:00am March 13 2014
Watch Dogs

The new issue of Edge magazine is available now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio. This month, we delve deep inside Ubisoft to discover exactly why Watch Dogs was delayed, and gain an appreciation of the complexity of the systems at play in the game. Upfront in the Knowledge section, we find out why so many Kickstarter-driven games run…

Watch Dogs’ creative lead on that delay and creating a richer, more meaningful open world

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at 09:28am March 11 2014
Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is the cover star of the next issue of Edge magazine, on sale March 13. In it, we delve deep into Ubisoft’s new open world IP to discover exactly why it was delayed and gain an appreciation of the complexity of the systems at play in the game – ones intended to mesh…

Ubisoft expects quick transition, reinvigorated market and boom in new ideas as next-gen arrives

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at 10:00am December 9 2013
The Division

Following the cross-gen release of its two biggest series Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance, Ubisoft EMEA executive director Alain Corre carved out a few spare moments in his schedule to answer four quick questions over email. Here, we ask why Ubisoft invests so heavily in new hardware launches, how quickly the French publisher believes players will…

I’m bored with America – let’s blow up Sweden

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at 12:00pm October 16 2013

I don’t know about everyone else in the world – it’s a lot of people, more than I felt was reasonable to canvas for this article – but I’ve worn my virtual soles out with America in video games. I’ve fought Russians in the White House, sniped people on the roof of the Stock Exchange,…

How Ubisoft is bringing Watch Dogs’ alt-Chicago to life

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at 05:51pm September 3 2013
Watch Dogs 2

Senior producer Dominic Guay explains how five studios came together to build a next-gen open world.

Watch Dogs’ open world, hacking and its surprising companion app – first impressions

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at 04:05pm August 21 2013
Watch Dogs

A first exploration of Watch Dogs’ open world, a detailed and populous alt-Chicago.

Ubisoft Montreal on the making of Watch Dogs

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at 12:23pm July 5 2013
Watch Dogs

Creative director Jonathan Morin on cross-studio collaboration, next gen multiplayer and feature creep.

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