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Nintendo’s next Mario game for Wii U could use the GamePad more, says 3D World’s co-director

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at 03:23pm April 8 2014
Mario gamepad

Nintendo’s design team has told us that work has begun on the next Mario game, and that if it is to be a Wii U title, it could make greater use of the console’s GamePad. We speak to the team behind Super Mario 3D World in the new issue of Edge, which is published on…

Why Child of Light is more than just an artsy curio

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at 05:00pm April 3 2014
Child of light

I went into Child of Light with a familiar, niggling sense of obligation. I’d done my background reading, so I had an idea what a pretty, unique little game that Ubisoft Montreal were building with its UbiArt Framework (last seen chugging away under the hood of Rayman: Origins and Legends). I also knew ahead of…

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze review

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at 01:00pm February 17 2014
Donkey Kong Country- Tropical Freeze 2

Assuming that Mario is the gear that makes his worlds tick with clockwork precision, Donkey Kong is the proverbial spanner in the works. His arrival is the catalyst for a level to start crumbling apart, his thumping entrance enough to dislodge everything that holds these environments together. And on the rare occasions that objects don’t dismantle themselves…

Still Playing: Rayman Legends – why Ubisoft’s platformer has the replay value of a great mixtape

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at 10:00am February 10 2014
Rayman Legends

A common complaint from fellow fathers is one regarding a lack of time. Home from work, kids in bed, dinner detritus cleared away – there’s barely enough left of the day to slump before the telly and promptly fall asleep on the sofa. So playing games becomes something enjoyed during breaks in established routine –…

Amazon UK on the next-gen race, Nintendo’s plight, microconsole rumours and ‘accidental’ leaks

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at 04:00pm February 3 2014
Amazon announces $199 Kindle Fire tablet

If you’re looking to check the pulse of the videogame market, ask the world’s largest online storefront. Amazon’s power in the retail world isn’t matched by its presence in the media, though, and for years it has been quite deliberate in keeping a low profile in the press. That’s changing. At Amazon’s Summer Wish List…

Unepic review

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at 02:00pm January 31 2014

Unepic’s first real shot at a big laugh takes a little while to arrive. During a brief toilet break from a Dungeons & Dragons game with his stereotypically nerdy friends, protagonist Daniel finds himself stumbling around in the darkness, emerging to find he’s been transported to a mysterious castle. He’s soon possessed by a malevolent…

NES Remix review

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at 02:00pm January 8 2014
NES Remix

Nintendo has become so practised at repackaging its old games and selling them to us across multiple formats that the general response whenever it happens seems to be one of quiet acceptance rather than irritation. This is just how Nintendo operates, we muse, as we roll our eyes, sigh gently and pony up for Super…

State of Play 2013: Embattled Nintendo endures a difficult year, despite critical acclaim

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at 04:30pm December 18 2013

On the face of it, 2013 would appear to have been something of an annus horribilis for Nintendo – at least in terms of its home console business. Its forecast for 9 million Wii U sales for the fiscal year now looks hopelessly optimistic: with less than four months to go it has currently sold…

Super Mario 3D World: an obsession reborn after a decade away

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at 02:00pm November 26 2013

My love affair with Mario began in December 1993. All-Stars rarely left the hatch of my Super Nintendo, muscled out only by certain special cases like Yoshi’s Island or Super Star Wars. Or Star Wing. Or anything that pushed my SNES to the limits and further towards Lawnmower Man-style vicarious visions. Similarly, Mario 64 was…

Super Mario 3D World review

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at 06:00pm November 19 2013

Don’t let the name fool you; it may say Super Mario World on the box, but there’s no sign of Yoshi here and no cape either. While Mario’s Tanooki form made a crowd-pleasing return in this game’s closest relative, Super Mario 3D Land, there’s no trace of that billowing yellow strip of magical fabric, which…

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