Amazon UK on the next-gen race, Nintendo’s plight, microconsole rumours and ‘accidental’ leaks

Amazon announces $199 Kindle Fire tablet

If you’re looking to check the pulse of the videogame market, ask the world’s largest online storefront. Amazon’s power in the retail world isn’t matched by its presence in the media, though, and for years it has been quite deliberate in keeping a low profile in the press. That’s changing. At Amazon’s Summer Wish List… Continue reading

Unepic review


Unepic’s first real shot at a big laugh takes a little while to arrive. During a brief toilet break from a Dungeons & Dragons game with his stereotypically nerdy friends, protagonist Daniel finds himself stumbling around in the darkness, emerging to find he’s been transported to a mysterious castle. He’s soon possessed by a malevolent… Continue reading

NES Remix review

NES Remix

Nintendo has become so practised at repackaging its old games and selling them to us across multiple formats that the general response whenever it happens seems to be one of quiet acceptance rather than irritation. This is just how Nintendo operates, we muse, as we roll our eyes, sigh gently and pony up for Super… Continue reading

Wii Party U review

Wii Party U

Wii Party U has no rhythm, and you won’t realise just how crucial that is to a party game until it’s gone. Forget Game & Wario’s bubble-wrap-popping immediacy: this party game could bring the wildest shindig to a ponderous crawl. One problem is its multitude of gametypes. Some games use the GamePad, some rely on… Continue reading