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Something about Japan: No next-gen hardware in Japan means the holiday is Nintendo’s to lose

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at 02:00pm November 14 2013
mario 3d u

Lucky old Nintendo. By delaying the launch of PS4 in Japan, Sony has given the Wii U pretty much an uncontested run of the home-console sales this holiday season. (Xbox One was unlikely to be a contender in Japan even if it was coming this year, which it isn’t.) And with brand new Mario and…

Wii Sports Club: a minor triumph for an ailing console

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at 12:00pm November 14 2013

Pity the Wii U GamePad. This Swiss Army knife of controllers was supposed to be all things to all players, and yet lately its creator seems to be doing its level best to ignore it. Instead it’s the Wii Remote – at least in its MotionPlus-enhanced form – that finds itself back in favour, as…

Why Wii U should steal your Christmas

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at 12:00pm October 25 2013

With news of the Watch Dogs and Drive Club delays, I somehow found myself shelling out for a next-gen console ahead of time. Last week, in fact. It has second screen functionality that means I can play in the palm of my hand if Coronation Street is on. It’s HD. And it’s a shiny black…

Wii Party U review

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at 05:00pm October 23 2013
Wii Party U

Wii Party U has no rhythm, and you won’t realise just how crucial that is to a party game until it’s gone. Forget Game & Wario’s bubble-wrap-popping immediacy: this party game could bring the wildest shindig to a ponderous crawl. One problem is its multitude of gametypes. Some games use the GamePad, some rely on…

Super Mario 3D World: exquisite, essential 3D multiplayer update or mere stopgap?

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at 12:34pm August 22 2013
Super Mario 3D World

Is the first multiplayer 3D Mario enough to sate expectant fans?

The Wonderful 101 review

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at 10:00am August 19 2013
The Wonderful 101

Platinum’s colourful Wii U debut is stretched too thin, and will sorely test your patience.

Itoi Story: 20 years on, is EarthBound still a classic?

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at 10:28am August 2 2013
Earthbound 1

We take a look at why this 16-bit RPG can still captivate a contemporary audience.

Don’t panic: 3DS remains strong and Nintendo profits are up, despite poor Wii U sales

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at 10:35am July 31 2013

With just 160,000 sold in the last three months, Wii U is in trouble – but Nintendo isn’t.

Indies on Wii U: why working with Nintendo is easier than you think

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at 05:47pm July 24 2013
Wii U eShop

Four studios reveal how they ended up developing games for Nintendo’s home console.

Indies on Wii U: how does Nintendo’s approach compare to Sony and Microsoft’s?

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at 02:49pm July 24 2013

Four studios reveal how Nintendo is working with indies to bring games to its home console.

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