Meet 4gency and its orbital scrapheap challenge, Habitat


An awkward attempt to manoeuvre our scrap-metal space station closer to the floating severed head of the Statue Of Liberty has ended in disaster. A passing asteroid just wrecked our port-side thruster and so now, having powered down its opposite number too late, we’re out of control, spinning in concentric circles towards a nuclear bomb. The belt of debris… Continue reading

After videogames’ grey generation, Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive is a riot of colour


The pitch hadn’t gone well. “It started off with us cranking out MC5’s Kick Out The Jams and ended with Drew [Murray] standing on a chair, acting out the entire game,” creative director Marcus Smith explains. “We thought for sure that was it, that we were gone. Microsoft… Well, they kind of have a square reputation…. Continue reading

Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference: a solid but uninspiring start for Phil Spencer’s ‘new Xbox’

Phil Spencer

And with that, Xbox One is an Xbox again. To the relief of the millions watching around the world earlier today, Xbox One wasn’t referred to as an ‘all-in-one entertainment system’ at all during Microsoft’s E3 2014 media briefing; instead, we were presented with a string of new games intended to recapture some of the… Continue reading

Murdered: Soul Suspect review


We’re an alley cat, and we’re stuck in an alley. More specifically, we’re the ghost of a police detective possessing the body of a cat, but that doesn’t make the head-height fences barring our progress any less baffling. Our feline ride is only in this area to let us climb two scaffolding towers for collectibles,… Continue reading

Xbox One and the endless, hopeless dream of convergence


The history of videogames is also the history of televisions. Not the shows, the stars, or the ready meals, but the equipment – the box in your living room.  This connection is the most intimate yet unexamined one in our medium. The ‘video’ in ‘videogames’ isn’t just an affectation or a distinction: it refers to… Continue reading

Wolfenstein: The New Order review

Wolfenstein- The New Order

That subtitle couldn’t be more appropriate. While Wolfenstein 3D, id’s 1992 FPS, popularised a genre, the series’ subsequent history is patchy, regularly shifting from studio to studio, its soul slowly stripped away in the process. MachineGames, a Swedish outfit made up of former Starbreeze staff, staunchly refuses to contribute to that downward spiral. The New Order… Continue reading

Super Time Force review

Super Time Force review

For an organisation called the Super Time Force, Capy’s band of trigger-happy mercs exhibits precious little concern for causality. Perhaps its members’ cheery ignorance of the potential dangers of time travel is best illustrated when a landing party flattens two bipedal reptiles frolicking with a butterfly at the start of a mission whose purpose is to… Continue reading

Ubisoft Montpellier’s Valiant Hearts: The Great War is beautiful and noble, but it could be a misstep

Valiant Hearts3

It doesn’t feel right, criticising Valiant Hearts – not when its own heart is so clearly in the right place. Right from the off, this 2D side-scroller tries to tell a story about the First World War that’s a laudable counterpoint to the glamourous, shooty-shouty hero stories videogames have told before. Its characters aren’t the… Continue reading

Pre-E3 positioning: Microsoft dis-Kinects, but what are the implications?

Kinect 1

Piers Harding-Rolls is director and head of games at analyst IHS Technology. Here, he delivers his verdict on today’s Microsoft announcements. In what is becoming a relatively common strategy of news control for consumer electronics and technology companies before major trade events, Microsoft has confirmed it will sell a standalone version of the Xbox One… Continue reading

‘What if you gave Tony Hawk a gun?’ Meet Insomniac’s Xbox One shooter Sunset Overdrive


Sunset Overdrive is an open-world superhuman adventure in the mould of Prototype and Infamous, but your power is traversal – every wall can be run on; every ledge, mantled; every car and awning is a springboard; every rail and wire can be grinded indefinitely while firing on the armies of OD’d zombies prowling the streets… Continue reading