A history of videogame hardware: Xbox

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at 03:30pm June 27 2014

When Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, took to the main stage at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California on 10 March 2000 to announce the company’s long-rumoured entry to the home video game console market, he was full of hyperbolic promise. The X-box (as it was written at the time) was to be…

Retrospective: Halo: Combat Evolved

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at 04:00pm April 20 2014
Halo retro

It probably ranks as the greatest turnaround in the history of gaming, and it’s impossible that more could have been riding on it. When Halo was released, Microsoft was seen as a mistrusted outsider with predatory motives and a ridiculed console design. Within a matter of weeks in late 2001, all that had changed. Halo…

The ten best consoles: our countdown of the greatest gameboxes of the last 20 years

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at 02:23pm September 20 2013
10 consoles (story)

Our countdown of the best videogame consoles released in Edge’s 20 year lifespan.

Xbox One prototype hardware cases revealed

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at 09:49am July 11 2013
Xbox One models

Stack of unused designs are shown at the Worldwide Partners Conference this week.

11-X, WEP, Midway, CyberPlayGround, FACE – the rejected names for Microsoft’s first console

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at 01:18pm July 5 2013
Xbox prototype

Seamus Blackley reveals the names Microsoft considered before settling on Xbox.

The Making Of: Xbox

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at 12:58pm May 21 2013

The story of the Microsoft’s debut game console, as told by the man who first pitched it.

Rumor: There will be a $299 new Xbox with subscription fee, says analyst

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at 10:59pm April 25 2013
Xbox 360

Trusted Microsoft analyst has laid out what he believes will be in the next Xbox.

Will Microsoft launch the next Xbox in Japan?

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at 04:52pm April 25 2013

The small number of Japanese games players interested in Xbox fear the worst for its next generation, reports our Japan correspondent.

Microsoft will reveal the new Xbox May 21

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at 06:17pm April 24 2013
Sony slams Microsoft content policy

Microsoft will finally show its next-gen system in under a month.

Microsoft ‘dedicating all TV resources to Xbox’

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at 03:50pm April 8 2013
Xbox 360 Slim

Xbox to become “the premium entertainment service”, says platform holder after Mediaroom sell-off.

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