Why there’s more to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel than its title implies


Borderlands is an exuberant series. From the theatrical size of its characters and their gloriously ham-festooned delivery to the uncountable permutations of weaponry, there’s nothing modest about the world of Pandora. So the decision to call the third full-length game The Pre-Sequel is bewildering. ‘Pre’ is self-deprecating. It’s corollary. It’s less. Pre-Sequel, bluntly, screams stopgap…. Continue reading

Super Time Force review

Super Time Force review

For an organisation called the Super Time Force, Capy’s band of trigger-happy mercs exhibits precious little concern for causality. Perhaps its members’ cheery ignorance of the potential dangers of time travel is best illustrated when a landing party flattens two bipedal reptiles frolicking with a butterfly at the start of a mission whose purpose is to… Continue reading

Ubisoft Montpellier’s Valiant Hearts: The Great War is beautiful and noble, but it could be a misstep

Valiant Hearts3

It doesn’t feel right, criticising Valiant Hearts – not when its own heart is so clearly in the right place. Right from the off, this 2D side-scroller tries to tell a story about the First World War that’s a laudable counterpoint to the glamourous, shooty-shouty hero stories videogames have told before. Its characters aren’t the… Continue reading

Trials Fusion review

Trials Fusion review

The Trials series isn’t really suited to sequels. DLC, sure, and perhaps the occasional reboot to freshen up those visuals, but RedLynx pulled off such a perfect landing with Trials HD back in 2009 that each attempt to better it is increasingly dangerous, and Fusion comes perilously close to losing its balance. Tampering with the… Continue reading

RedLynx isn’t ‘breaking’ Trials by adding tricks – Fusion is its most ambitious game yet

Trials Fusion

The problem with making something pure is that changing it makes people nervous. That’s something of which RedLynx became intensely aware after announcing at E3 2013 that one of the additions to Trials Fusion would be a trick system. The uproar was immediate: this exacting game of balance, control and exquisite physics was doomed to… Continue reading

Microsoft is renewing its PC gaming focus, exploring VR and open to feedback on launch parity, says Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer

Microsoft will soon renew its focus on PC gaming, is looking into virtual reality and continuing to assess concerns over ID@Xbox’s launch parity clause, said Phil Spencer at GDC this morning. Speaking as part of a wide-ranging ‘Fireside chat’ session hosted by Gamasutra editor in chief Kris Graft, the Microsoft Studios boss was also quizzed… Continue reading

Titanfall is an intelligent, modern shooter which gives Call of Duty’s multiplayer formula new life

Titanfall Beta

The following represents our first impressions of Titanfall based on two days’ play at an EA-run event in London last week. Although we were able to play the final version in its entirety, our full review is being withheld until we are able to test the game in real-world circumstances. Please note, then, that the… Continue reading