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Trials Fusion review

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at 03:00pm April 16 2014
Trials Fusion review

The Trials series isn’t really suited to sequels. DLC, sure, and perhaps the occasional reboot to freshen up those visuals, but RedLynx pulled off such a perfect landing with Trials HD back in 2009 that each attempt to better it is increasingly dangerous, and Fusion comes perilously close to losing its balance. Tampering with the…

Why Child of Light is more than just an artsy curio

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at 05:00pm April 3 2014
Child of light

I went into Child of Light with a familiar, niggling sense of obligation. I’d done my background reading, so I had an idea what a pretty, unique little game that Ubisoft Montreal were building with its UbiArt Framework (last seen chugging away under the hood of Rayman: Origins and Legends). I also knew ahead of…

RedLynx isn’t ‘breaking’ Trials by adding tricks – Fusion is its most ambitious game yet

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at 09:41am March 27 2014
Trials Fusion

The problem with making something pure is that changing it makes people nervous. That’s something of which RedLynx became intensely aware after announcing at E3 2013 that one of the additions to Trials Fusion would be a trick system. The uproar was immediate: this exacting game of balance, control and exquisite physics was doomed to…

Microsoft is renewing its PC gaming focus, exploring VR and open to feedback on launch parity, says Phil Spencer

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at 01:10am March 22 2014
Phil Spencer

Microsoft will soon renew its focus on PC gaming, is looking into virtual reality and continuing to assess concerns over ID@Xbox’s launch parity clause, said Phil Spencer at GDC this morning. Speaking as part of a wide-ranging ‘Fireside chat’ session hosted by Gamasutra editor in chief Kris Graft, the Microsoft Studios boss was also quizzed…

Titanfall is an intelligent, modern shooter which gives Call of Duty’s multiplayer formula new life

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at 04:00pm March 10 2014
Titanfall Beta

The following represents our first impressions of Titanfall based on two days’ play at an EA-run event in London last week. Although we were able to play the final version in its entirety, our full review is being withheld until we are able to test the game in real-world circumstances. Please note, then, that the…

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare review

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at 02:45pm March 5 2014
Plants Vs Zombies- Garden Warfare

To help while away time spent waiting in the lobby for the next spot of Garden Warfare to begin, PopCap has provided a distraction in the form of collectible stickers. These blind packs are acquired with credits earned in the main game and provide you with in-game perks, such as variants on the base classes,…

South Park: The Stick Of Truth review

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at 08:00am March 4 2014
South Park- The Stick Of Truth review

Who’d have guessed that 2014 would be the year of the videogame comedy? Mere weeks after Jazzpunk’s impression of Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker, South Park: The Stick Of Truth almost faultlessly mimics Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s animated series, retaining its brand of scattergun satire and scatological humour. Never knowingly understated, The Stick Of Truth is boisterous,…

Team Dakota’s crossplatform toolset Project Spark is problematic yet promising

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at 10:02am March 3 2014
Project Spark

Project Spark is a challenge to its developers. Designed to run on PC and consoles – and mobile and tablet via SmartGlass – its powerful creation tools have to be easy to both understand and use across a variety of input devices. It’s a challenge to players, too, who will ultimately define the value of…

Rambo: The Video Game review

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at 03:00pm February 21 2014
Rambo the video game

Even if Reef Entertainment hadn’t struck a deal with production company StudioCanal to publish a video game based on the Rambo film series, Sylvester Stallone could lay no claim to having his image rights infringed. Here John Rambo resembles an exhibit from Louis Tussaud’s House of Wax, a glistening sheen applied to an obdurately unmoving…

Earth Defence Force 2025 review

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at 05:00pm February 18 2014
EDF 2025 review

The cliché says Earth Defense Force is a B-game series, modest in its budget and cack-handed in its execution, but with a knowing wink and a sense of fun for those taking it on its own terms. It’s the simplest of modern shooters, but has a scale that’s unmatched by any other game. Giant wasps…

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