Permadeath just won’t die, but what’s behind the popularity of such a punishing mechanic?

And Stay Dead

Some say life’s too short. It is when you’re playing Spelunky. Our most recent journey into Derek Yu’s mines ended in tragedy when a run that had seen us grab a jetpack, climbing gloves, a shotgun and a pitcher’s mitt was cruelly cut short by an astonishing chain reaction. We set a bomb, which blasted… Continue reading

ZombiU review


ZombiU is a smart and engaging exploration of what Nintendo’s strange new machine can muster. Historically, thirdparty releases on a console launch day have been chequered and timid affairs made by inexperienced teams fearful of losing their footing on unknown terrain. When Ubisoft Montpellier’s ZombiU works in smart union with its host console, however, it frequently delights.

Hands-on with ZombiU: is Ubisoft’s zombie thriller a hardcore highlight for Wii U’s launch?


It’s easy to single out ZombiU in the Wii U launch line-up and shout, there, look! The hardcore game! The one for adults! The one with violence that doesn’t involve squashing koopas and smiling back at clouds! Ubisoft have had such acclaim before (if you can call it that), of course, with Wii launch title Red Steel. And the comparisons run deeper than those reactionary accusations.

ZombiU: balancing punishment and reward on Wii U

ZombiU: balancing punishment and reward on Wii U

Amid the hype and hubris of the Wii U’s launch run-up, very few could have expected the console’s stand-out title at E3 to be a hardcore survival-horror shooter. Pitched alongside Nintendo’s candy-coloured in-house offerings, ZombiU couldn’t have looked more out of place.

E3 2012: ZombiU – Wii U’s brightest prospect?

E3 2012: ZombiU - Wii U's brightest prospect?

ZombiU has appeared three times so far this E3. A gory CG trailer, shown during Ubisoft's press conference on Monday, revealed its London setting and piqued our interest; another trailer, sadly also CG and aired during Nintendo's conference today, showed the ways in which it makes use of the Wii U GamePad. It's the below gameplay demo, though, coming hot on the heels of Nintendo's middling E3 conference, which has propelled it to the upper echelons of our Wii U most wanted list.

E3 2012: Nintendo press conference report

E3 2012: Nintendo press conference report

So, we got one answer to the big E3 Nintendo questions. If Reggie Fils-Aime was a zombie, he’d say, “I like French food”. Zombies don't talk, of course, though we suspect that were Reggie somehow infected, he'd find a way. To the rest of the questions the faithful keenly posited on across the Internet before and during Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference, we’re none the wiser: Wii U Zelda? Animal Crossing?